Hospitality Project Overview


The unveiling of a brand in the hospitality sector is all encompassing.  From our experience at Flagala, we know that it is best to get involved early in the concept. From brand conception, to opening the doors on time, Flagala’s design build team is specialized in this complex and fast paced project delivery type.  We first strive to gain a detailed and complete understanding of the client’s brand.  We work hard to ensure that the image and the vision of the brand is effectively communicated through the building’s architecture and interior design.    At Flagala, we are contemporary in our thinking and rational in our approach.  We avoid superficial, subjective methods of design in order to achieve a meaningful and distinct final product  that is inherently valuable.  Because of this individualized approach, we have had a vast array of outcomes.   Each project is an original work of art and design from start to finish.

hospitality picture 1

Our design team has the ability to express the brand concept in all aspects of design: from the project’s architecture and interior, to graphic design and visual branding.

 hospitality picture 2